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近期,本课题组张敏老师和王佳鑫同学分别以通讯作者和第一作者在Advanced Electronic Materials上发表了题为“Ultralow-Power Synaptic Transistors Based on Ta2O5/Al2O3 Bilayer Dielectric for Algebraic Arithmetic”的研究成果。

该工作提出了一种采用氧化钽(Ta2O5)/氧化铝(Al2O3)双栅介质层的铟镓锌氧化物(IGZO)突触晶体管,该突触晶体管通过采用电荷捕获和释放的机理实现了对生物突触中,如:兴奋/抑制性突触后电流(EPSC/IPSC),双脉冲易化(PPF),长时程增强/抑制(LTP/LTD)等,一系列行为的模拟并具有19.9 aJ的超低功耗,此外该突触晶体管展示了短程记忆(STM)向长程记忆(LTM)的转化和对艾宾浩斯曲线的拟合仿真。最后该突触晶体管展示了对基本代数运算的模拟演示,为单晶体管实现存算一体化提供了一种可能。

Multifarious artificial synaptic devices are extensively proposed in the field of neuromorphic hardware systems for their applicability in promising parallel computer architecture, which is preferred to classical Von Neumann architecture in numerous and complex information processing. Besides the ability to mimic typical biological synaptic behaviors, low power consumption is critical for the synaptic devices in the neuromorphic hardware system. In this paper, ultralow-power Ta2O5/Al2O3 bilayer-gate-dielectric synaptic transistors (TABSTs) with low-temperature atomic layer deposited dielectric are proposed. The TABSTs show power consumption as low as 19.9 aJ per synaptic event successfully at a low drain voltage of 0.001 V and a short pulse width of 1 ms. Essential synaptic behaviors including excitatory postsynaptic current, inhibitory postsynaptic current, spike-amplitude-dependent plasticity, spike-duration-dependent plasticity, paired pulse facilitation, long-term potentiation, long-term depression, the transition from short-term memory to long-term memory as well as learning and forgetting abilities are well mimicked by the TABSTs. Moreover, algebraic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are also implemented by the TABSTs. This work provides a promising approach to emerging neuromorphic systems.


Ultralow‐Power Synaptic Transistors Based on Ta2O5/Al2O3 Bilayer Dielectric for Algebraic Arithmetic – Wang – – Advanced Electronic Materials – Wiley Online Library