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近期,本课题组张敏老师和王雅茸同学分别以通讯作者和第一作者在纳米科学和纳米技术领域国际知名期刊ACS Nano(SCI一区,2021年IF=15.881)上发表了题为“Stretchable Temperature-Responsive Multimodal Neuromorphic Electronic Skin with Spontaneous Synaptic Plasticity Recovery”的研究成果。


Multimodal electronic skin devices capable of detecting multimodal signals provide the possibility for health monitoring. Sensing and memory for temperature and deformation by human skin are of great significance for the perception and monitoring of physiological changes of the human body. Electronic skin is highly expected to have similar functions as human skin. Here, by implementing intrinsically stretchable neuromorphic transistors with mechanoreceptors and thermoreceptors in an array, we have realized stretchable temperature-responsive multimodal neuromorphic electronic skin (STRM-NES) with both sensory and memory functions, in which synaptic plasticity can be modulated by multiple modalities, in situ temperature variations, and stretching deformations. Temperature-responsive functions, spontaneous recovery, and temperature-dependent multitrial learning are proposed. Furthermore, a stretchable temperature neuromorphic array composed of multiple fully functional subcells is demonstrated to identify temperature distributions and variations at different regions and conditions after various strains of skin. The STRM-NES has temperature- and strain-responsive neuromorphic functions, excellent self-healing, and reusable capability, showing similar abilities as human skin to sense, transmit, memory, and recovery from external stimuli. It is expected to facilitate the development of wearable electronics, intelligent robotics, and prosthetic applications.


Stretchable Temperature-Responsive Multimodal Neuromorphic Electronic Skin with Spontaneous Synaptic Plasticity Recovery | ACS Nano