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近期,本课题组张敏老师和邱睿同学分别以通讯作者和第一作者在纳米科学和纳米技术研究领域国际知名期刊ACS Nano (Nature-index期刊,影响因子18.027)上发表题为“Bilingual Bidirectional Stretchable Self-healing Neuristors with Proprioception”的文章,成功实现了一种具有双语双向响应、自愈合能力,并能够模拟生物本体感受功能的可拉伸神经形态器件。

本工作首次提出并实现了一种可拉伸的双语双向自修复神经形态器件(Bilingual Bidirectional Stretchable Self-healing Neuristor,BBSSN)。BBSSN的设计基于范德华力集成,利用聚氨酯脲弹性体和碳纳米管电极的本征可拉伸特性,通过离子迁移和静电耦合,在不同操作阶段能够对相同刺激做出抑制或增强的反应。这使得BBSSN能够模拟生物突触中兴奋性和抑制性神经递质的共存和相互作用,从而实现四象限信息处理能力。这种能力使得BBSSN具备了模拟生物行为的多水平可调性和适应性,例如戒断和成瘾反应。


The coexistence and interaction of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters at biological synapses enable bilingual communication, serving as a physiological foundation for organism adaptation, internal stability, and regulation of behavior and emotions in mammals. Neuromorphic electronics are expected to emulate the bilingual functions of the biological nervous system for artificial neurorobotics and neurorehabilitation. Here, we have proposed a bilingual bidirectional artificial neuristor array, which utilizes ion migration and electrostatic coupling properties between intrinsically stretchable and self-healing poly(urea-urethane) elastomer and carbon nanotube electrodes, realized by van der Waals integration. The neuristor exhibits depression or potentiation behaviors in response to the same stimulus in different operational phases and achieves a four-quadrant information-processing capability. These properties make it possible to simulate complex neuromorphic processes, which involve bilingual bidirectional responses, such as withdrawal or addiction responses, and array-based automated refresh. Furthermore, the neuristor array is a self-healing neuromorphic electronic device that can function effectively even under 50% mechanical strain and can recover operation voluntarily within 2 h after experiencing mechanical injury. Additionally, the bilingual bidirectional stretchable self-healing neuristor can emulate coordinated neural signal transmission from the motor cortex to muscles and integrate proprioception through strain modulation, similar to the biological muscle spindle. The properties, structure, operation mechanisms, and neurologically integrated functions of the proposed neuristor signify an advancement in neuromorphic electronics for next-generation neurorehabilitation and neurorobotics.


Bilingual Bidirectional Stretchable Self-Healing Neuristors with Proprioception | ACS Nano