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近期,本课题组张敏老师和张娇娜同学以及王婉婷同学分别以通讯作者和共同第一作者在材料领域国际知名期刊Advanced Functional Materials(SCI一 区,2022年IF=19.924)上发表了题为“Ultra-Flexible Monolithic 3D Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Electronics”的研究成果。

目前基于互补金属氧化物半导体(CMOS)技术的柔性电子器件使智能柔性世界成为可能。然而,提高集成电路所需要的高灵柔韧性、集成密度和电学性能一直是一个长期未解决的问题。本工作提出一种单片三维(M3D) CMOS设计来解决这个问题,并实现具有高电子性能和集成度的超柔性电子电路。本工作采用p型碳纳米管晶体管和n型IGZO晶体管共用栅极和漏极垂直堆叠,从而节省了传统M3D结构所需的层间通孔,并且减少了布线以提高灵活性。基于此工艺设计,制备实现了CMOS逻辑门、多级电路、环形振荡器(ROs)和存储器件等电路模块。与平面电路相比,这种设计可节省高达45%的面积,反相器的增益达到了创纪录的191。而55级环形振荡器在半径为500 μm的弯曲50次后也能很好地工作,在所有报道的环形振荡器中表现出最高的柔性。这种超柔性、高集成度的反渗透技术使可穿戴式光记录仪能够通过简单地将电路连接到隐形眼镜上,收集照射到人眼中的有害蓝光。这种集成方法为开发复杂功能的可穿戴电子产品提供了可能性。

Flexible electronics based on complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology has enabled a smart soft world. However, the trade-off among flexibility, density and electrical performance has been a long-lasting unresolved issue. Here, we propose a monolithic three-dimensional (M3D) CMOS design to address this problem and realize ultra-flexible electronics with high electronic-performance and integration. This design utilizes vertically stacked p-type carbon nanotube transistors and n-type indium gallium zinc oxide ones, which share common gates and drains, saving the inter tier vias required in the traditional M3D structure to reduce routing and improve flexibility. With this design, CMOS logic gates, multi-stage circuits, ring oscillators (ROs) and memory modules, are demonstrated. This design enables circuits to save up to 45% of area compared with their planar counterparts. Particularly, inverters exhibit a record-high gain of 191, and 55-stage ROs can operate well even after bending at a 500-μm radius for 50 cycles, exhibiting the highest flexibility among the reported ones. The ultra-flexible and high-integration RO enables a wearable light recorder to collect harmful blue light shining into human eyes by simply attaching the circuits on a contact lens. This integration method provides possibilities for developing complex-function wearable electronics.


Ultra‐Flexible Monolithic 3D Complementary Metal‐Oxide‐Semiconductor Electronics – Zhang – Advanced Functional Materials – Wiley Online Library