Lab of Computational Chemistry and Drug Design

Dr. Zhang Xinhao

张欣豪 Xinhao Zhang
Assoc. Prof. (2011 ~ )
Ph. D. the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
zhangxinhao at pku.edu.cn

Zhang, Xinhao

School of Chemical Biology and Biotechnology
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Room G-201B, Building F, SCBB, Peking University Campus,

University Town, Lishui Road, Xili Town, Nanshan District,

Shenzhen, P.R. China.  518055

Tel:        86-0755-26037219

Email:   zhangxh at pkusz.edu.cn



2011 - present:       Associate Professor, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

2008 - 2010:         Postdoctoral research at Technische Universität Berlin

Physical Organic Chemistry; Advisor: Prof. Dr. Drs. h.c. Helmut Schwarz

2002 - 2007:          Ph. D in Chemistry, the Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology

Theoretical Organic Chemistry; Advisor: Prof. Yun-Dong Wu

1998 - 2002:          B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China



2008 - 2010:          Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship

1999 - 2001:          Excellent Student Scholarship, USTC

1999:                   Champion of Coca Cola Cup, the 10th Debate Competition of USTC



Combining Mass spectrometry and Computational Chemistry to

  • Understand reaction mechanism in catalysis and search for promising catalyst
  • Construct an energetic database of metal-biomolecule interactions and new force fields
  • Study protein-ligand interaction and design novel inorganic drug
  • Develop chiral recognition system in gas phase



  • 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 2 book chapters (see attached list)
  • 13 contributions at 16 conferences and symposiums, including 5 oral/invited presentations
北京大学深圳研究生院深圳市南山区深圳大学城北京大学校区F栋G201B,518055电话:     86-0755-26037219    Email:
zhangxh at pkusz.edu.cn


2011 - 现在:         副教授,博导       北京大学深圳研究生院

2008 -2010:          洪堡学者              柏林工业大学 (Technische Universität Berlin)

物理有机化学      导师: Prof. Dr. Drs. h.c. Helmut Schwarz

2002 - 2007:          博士                     香港科技大学

理论有机化学      导师: 吴云东 院士

1998 - 2002:          学士(化学)      中国科学技术大学


2012:                    深圳市海外高层次人才

2012:                  深圳市高层次人才—地方领军人才

2008 - 2010:          亚历山大∙冯∙洪堡奖学金

1999 - 2001:          中国科大优秀奖学金

1999:                   可口可乐杯——中国科大第10届辩论赛冠军




  • 理解各类催化反应机理及筛选新催化剂
  • 建立金属离子-生物小分子结合能的数据库并发展新的无机力场和过渡态力场
  • 研究蛋白质-配体相互作用及设计新型无机药物
  • 开发气相中的手性分子识别



  • 已发表60 篇期刊论文,2篇书籍章节,详见附表
  • 共参加16次学术会议,并作海报9次,报告5次



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