Laboratory of Metabolism, Inflammation and Diseases
Drug Discovery Center at the School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology


    The primary research interests in Dr. Huo's group are determining the roles of blood cells, including leukocytes, platelets as well as red blood cells, in inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, diabetes, obesity and many others. Using epifluoresence intravital microscopy, the interactions of blood cells or fragments with the endothelium of vascular wall during above pathologies is directly observed. For some studies on the molecular mechanisms involved in these interactions, blocking antibodies and knockout (genetically altered) mice are used.

    Dr. Huo's group is also interested in determining the molecules and pathways which play a critical role in those inflammatory diseases. Current studies assess the involvement of AMPK, adenosine, and G-PCR adenosine receptors in inflammation, sepsis, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, diabetes, obesity and many others. These studies are expected to augment basic understanding of the inflammatory process involved in these cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and may lead to the development of therapeutic approaches for above diseases for future clinical use in patients.