Zhai Group
School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology

Summer Camp_Zhai Group_160712 14.46Research in our group is primarily aimed toward total synthesis of bioactive natural products that possess considerable stereochemical complexity and significant therapeutic values. We are also interested in developing novel transformations and methods capable of accessing complex molecules in highly selective and efficient fashion.


The target molecules completed or under our current concern are (+)-Absinthin, Merrilactone A, (-)-Jiadifenin, (-)-NakadomarinA, (+)-Gelsemine, (+)-Harringtonolide, Sculponeatin N, Fawcettimine, Lycoflexine, Subincanadines, Daphniyunnine D.


Representative Work:

1) Total Synthesis of (–)-Conidiogenone B, (–)-Conidiogenone and (–)-Conidiogenol

2) Total Synthesis of (-)-Daphnilongeranin B and (-)-Daphenylline

3) Total Synthesis of (+)-Harringtonolide

4) Total Synthesis of (+)-Gelsemine: (Collaborate with Prof. Fayang Qiu)



5) Total Synthesis of (-)-Jiadifenin and (+)-Merrilactone A



6) Total Synthesis of (+)-Absinthin:



7) Other Total Synthesis:

other work