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Dr. Hao YAN


Dr. Hao YAN (严浩博士)




Dr. Hao YAN joined the Prof Hong MENG’s group as a post-doc fellow in November 2021. He completed his PhD in Organic Semiconductor Physics in 2021 under the supervision of Prof Ji-Seon Kim at Imperial College London, UK. During his PhD, he had strong collaborations with the Cambridge Display Technology, Ltd (Cambridge University), Samsung, and GIST(Korea). Dr. Hao YAN was also a visiting researcher in Prof Martin Vacha’s group at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, under the Imperial-Tokyo Tech Exchange Programme in 2019-2020.

Dr. Hao YAN’s main research is focused on charge carrier injection and transport properties, and degradation mechanisms of solution-processed organic optoelectronic devices, such as OLEDs (polymers, or TADFs), OPVs and OPDs. This includes utilizing a variety of characterization techniques, such as ex or in-situ Raman spectroscopy, Single-molecule spectroscopy, GIWAXS, and energetic analyzing techniques (APS, UPS, Kelvin Probe).



2017– 2021   Ph.D. in Solid-State Physics       Imperial College London, UK

♦ Supervisor: Prof. Ji-Seon Kim

Nanoanalysis group and Centre for Processable Electronics

2015 – 2017  M.Sc. in Material Science           University of Sheffield, UK

Supervisor: Prof. Xiangbing ZENG

2011 – 2015  B.Sc. in Chemistry            Hunan Normal University, China



2021 - till now  Post-doc fellow                     Peking University, China

Host: Prof. Hong MENG

2019 – 2020  Visiting Researcher         Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Host: Prof. Martin Vacha



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(5)   Wangjuan Xue+, Hao Yan+,*, Yaowu He, Lijie Wu, Xinkang Zhang, Jinhao Xu, Junpeng He, Chaoyi Yan, and Hong Meng*; Identifying the Molecular Origins of Green BN-TADF Material Degradation and Device Stability via in situ Raman Spectroscopy, Chemistry-A European Journal, 2022, e202201006. (共同一作、通讯)

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