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June 20 to 25, 2018,Mr. Wen Jingyuan went to the Society for Information Display’s Week 2018 Symposium in the United States and made a report on his research results about High-Slew-Rate Low-Static-Power Dynamic-Bias Rail-to-Rail Output Buffer for OLED-on-Silicon VR Microdisplayon the morning of 23rd.

After he came back from the conference, he said, “SID (society for information display) is the world’s highest level according to the display meeting, from Google, apple, IBM and China’s huawei, boe, tianma, such as the world excellent company’s technical experts, as well as the world’s top many excellent professors and students at the university of a total of thousands of people attended the meeting. I attended the meeting about AR/VR, Micro – LED, QLED display with the latest technology of short course and Symposium, meeting with the international well-known scholar has carried on the exchange on the latest research dynamic Micro display LED, feel the authority of domestic and international scholar’s quick thinking and expert problem solving way of flexible, widened the field of vision, to have a deeper understanding of research field, at the same time in the meeting also saw the local conditions and customs of the United States.I have benefited a lot from my visit to the United States. I would like to thank P.A. Zhang Min for giving me the opportunity to attend this international conference.”

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