2023 Teachers’ Day Dinner



2023 NEL group photo – Happy graduation ceremony!



2023 Trip to HongKong Disneyland


Fun Sprots Meeting in 2022



NEL Group photo – Happy graduation in 2022

Tour to Dameisha Beach in 2022

Trip to Jiaochangwei beach in 2021

Celebrate Teachers’ Day in 2021 & Welcome new NELers

NEL Group photo – Happy graduation in 2021

Graduation party in 2021

Celebrate Teachers’ Day in 2020 & Welcome new NELers

Trip to Happy Valley

Relax in weekend

Group photo

DSC03786 dance

Playing badminton weekly

IMG_20150304_201320 IMG_20150114_203920 IMG_20150114_204533_1

Travel in Xiamen

DSC05433 DSC05441 DSC05475
Reefs on Gulangyu island The shape of NEL on the beach Trail on Gulangyu Island
DSC05348 DSC05368 DSC05339

Watch Meteor Shower together

IMG_20150402_205806 IMG_20150402_205933 IMG_20150402_210153

Year-end party

IMG_20150206_183255_1 IMG_20150206_183336_1 QQ图片20150507154408

Ride to Shenzhen Bay

IMG_20150206_102041 QQ图片20150507154318 IMG_20150206_113350_1

Daily party

IMG_20150327_212244 IMG_20150302_192345 IMG_20141231_224334