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From July 23 to July 36, 2018, Zhang Jiaona went to Ireland to participate in IEEE nano (18th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology) and gave a report on her research results “embedding Langmuir Blodgett carbon nanotube array to enhance performance of amorphous InGaZnO thin film transformer” on the afternoon of July 25.

After she came back from Ireland, we interviewed her in office A209. She said: IEEE nano conference invited many well-known scholars in the field of Nano Electronics to give a report this year. It was a large-scale meeting and the meeting covered many aspects such as nano electronic structure, materials and application, and the number of participants was more than 1500. The invited report of the conference has analyzed and discussed the development trend of nanoelectronics in the future. Through listening to the report and communicating with scholars in related fields, I have a clearer understanding of the general direction of this field. On the first day of the conference, the conference organizing committee hosted a dinner at the Irish Farm, and I deeply felt the local flavor of Europe. At the dinner, I communicated academic and national culture with scholars and professors from all over the world in different fields, and learned a lot . At the same time, Thanks to the research team for giving me this opportunity to participate the conference.

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