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Zhang Jiaona, a graduate student of 2016, was recommended by Tiangong University to the major of microelectronics and solid state electronics in SECE, PKU. She ranked first in the comprehensive assessment of the first grade of the graduate school year, and published an article on the conference. The main content of this achievement is to improve the mobility of IGZO thin film transistors by utilizing the high electron transport properties of carbon nanotubes. In this work, the Langmuir-Blodgett method was used to prepare carbon nanotube arrays to embed a-IGZO channels. This method increased the mobility of a-IGZO thin film transistors from 1 cm2/Vs to 4 cm2/Vs. Compared with a-IGZO hybrid thin film transistors, carbon nanotube array hybrid thin film transistors have better electrical performance. This work improves the performance of IGZO devices and provides a solution for high-speed transistors for future advanced electronics.

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