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Du Chunhui, the lab’s senior fellow apprentice, can be called “the master of drawing”. His pictures in group presentations and papers are cool and full of art. Moreover, his device parameter extraction method is proper, and the numerical value is undisputed. In the middle of March, he took time to teach his junior fellows apprentice and junior sisters apprentice how to use the drawing and data software including origin, Excel and PPT, as well as the extraction method of TFT device parameters including sub threshold swing SS, threshold voltage Vth and maximum transconductance gm, in addition to popularizing the Linux system. Junior fellows apprentice and junior sisters apprentice are attentive to prevent which shortcut keys are overlooked, and ask Du Chunhui from time to time to solve specific problems.

In the last semester, Du Chunhui gave full play to his afterheat and left his specialty in A209, which made the laboratory better and formed a good atmosphere for learning from each other!

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