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SID (society for information display) is the world’s highest-level display conference. Technical experts from Google, Apple, IBM and China’s Huawei, BOE, Tianma and other world-leading companies, as well as experts and professors and students in the display field attended the meeting. Display Week 2019 Symposium was held in SAN Jose, USA, mainly discussing the latest Display technology. Our group contributed two papers in this conference to report in the form of posters.

In the paper of efficiency enhancement by non-overlapping time design and adaptive ratio control for charge pump of display drivers, Zhang Dewei proposed a non-overlapping time scheme and a switch off energy level scheme for the charge pump driven by the display power supply, which effectively improved the overall efficiency of the charge pump and reduced the power consumption of the display panel. In the paper of a new pixel circuit with threshold voltage variation compensation in three dimensional AMOLED on silicon microdisplays, Zeng Weiling proposed a threshold voltage compensation scheme shared by power lines and data lines of silicon-based microdisplays, which can effectively improve the image display quality of silicon-based microdisplays.

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