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Wang Qinghua went to Bangkok, Thailand, to attend the IEEE NEMS (International Conference on nano / micro engineered and molecular systems) meeting from April 11 to 14, in 2019. And she made a report titled “Asymmetrical Langmuir-Blockett and Hydration Process to Realize Density-Controlled Carbon Nanotube Array on Flexible and Stretchable Substrates ” on April 12.

After Qinghua coming back from Thailand, reporter interviewed her in A209. She said: “IEEE NEMS is the first international conference I attended. I am very honored to be able to attend this conference. The conference content covers the nano energy, materials and system and so on several aspects. The specially invited experts of the conference analyzed and discussed the development direction of nano energy in the future. What impressed me were the lectures of Dr. Zhang Haixia and Dr. Wang Zhonglin, the topics were interesting and developed in hot areas nowadays. Compared with understanding the research content of the two professors from literature, the face-to-face talk and questions on the spot gave me a deeper understanding of their research contents. In addition, I also met several friends from Peking University and established profound friendship quickly in Bangkok, which made our trip more full and wonderful in Bangkok. In addition, I communicated with Dr. Zhang a lot in these days, and got a lot of guidance from her in academic and life. Thanks for the support from the research group, which made me benefit a lot! ”

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