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Low dimensional materials (LDMs) have drawn world-wide attention as potential candidates applied in flexible and wearable electronics. It is an attractive research topic to systematically integrate all-LDMs to realize flexible electronics. However, it is difficult to pattern LDMs by conventional photolithography and plasma etching without harming the other overlapped analogous components.

Here, we have proposed and realized independent-operation all-LDM flexible transistors integrated in a 2-inch substrate by the proposed photolithography incorporated filtration (PIF) platform. The transistors consisting of only one-dimensional carbon nanotubes and two-dimensional graphene oxide show an ultralow operating voltage of less than -1 V, an extraordinary subthreshold swing (SS) of 170 mV/dec, a low threshold voltage (Vth) of -0.3 V and high carrier mobility up to 105 cm2/Vs. Moreover, the device shows a small bending radius of 1 mm and a transistor transparency of 94%. The full room-temperature process further demonstrates the great potential of applying the proposed devices and the PIF platform to future high-performance flexible transparent electronics. This work provides a novel way to tackle the difficulty in integrating solution processed LDMs.

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