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On May 24, 2019, A.P.Zhang Min’s three students, Du Chunhui, Gao Yubo and Zhang Dewei participated in the graduation defense. Their research results were unanimously recognized by the judges. Therefore, the graduation defense was successfully completed, and They attended the graduation ceremony on June 30, 2019, successfully obtained the degree certificate and diploma.

Du Chunhui’s outstanding scientific research achievements won the honorary title of Peking University’s outstanding graduation thesis. Du Chunhui is a 2016 graduate student who joined HUAWEI as an engineer when he graduated. His research subject focus on the design and fabrication of flexible transparent all carbon TFTs. During his master’s degree, All-Carbon TFTs were fabricated on transparent glass and achieved excellent performance. The results of this study were published at the IEEENANO2017 International Conference. Based on this, Du Chunhui applied the two-dimensional material graphene oxide as the gate dielectric layer of the TFT, and adopted the suction filtration and lithography-assisted process to realize the flexible transparent All-Carbon TFT with a very small bending radius of 1 mm.The research results were received by the Nanoscale Journal. These research results of Du Chunhui’s research have positively promoted the integration of All-Carbon devices to realize flexible transparent integrated circuits.

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