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On May 16, 2022, five students in Zhang Min’s research group, Wang Jianxin, Wang Yarong, Fan Lingchong, Huang Youchao and Zhang Yiming, participated in the graduation defense. Their achievements were unanimously approved by the judges and passed the graduation defense successfully. They attended the graduation ceremony on June 23, 2022, and successfully received their degree certificate and graduation certificate. At this point, five students for the three years of southern Yan life draw the end, is about to write a new chapter in life.

The graduation season was also fruitful. The Class of 2022 was awarded many honors. Wang Yatong and Zhang Yiming were awarded the honorary title of “Outstanding Graduates of Peking University”, and their graduation thesis was also awarded the title of “Outstanding Graduation Thesis of Peking University”.

There are thousands of times, there are eight wasters horizontally; The future is vast, the future is long. May this go to the flowers, meet again as before.

I wish you a happy life and a bright future! We will meet on peak.

Class of 2022 graduation defense group photo

Class of 2022 graduation ceremony

Outstanding graduates of Peking University, Wang Yarong and Zhang Yiming

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