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School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology

Congratulations to Xu Binglin’s Ph.D gruaduation


On May 30th, 2022, Dr. Xu Binglin successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. During her Ph. D training under the supervising of Prof. Quan Jummin and Prof. Li Qinkai, Dr Xu used biochemistry, cell biology, and animal experiments to verify the antioxidant and anti-PD activity of the new biguanide compound MC001, and laid
a good foundation for the further development of high-efficiency and low-toxic biguanide compounds as antioxidants in PD treatment. In addition, this thesis also reveals the potential mechanism of interplay between α-synuclein and PLK2 in oxidative stress and neuron cell death, and provide a foundation for developing drugs targeting α-synuclein for PD treatment.