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→ Congratulations to Wei Xiong(熊威)! His collaborative paper entitled Atomic layer deposition of nickel carbide for supercapacitors and electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution” was accepted for publishing in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. (2017-12-17)

→ Congratulations to Wei Xiong(熊威)! His paper entitled Rational Bottom-Up Engineering of Electrocatalysts by Atomic Layer Deposition:  A Case Study of FexCo1-xSy-Based Catalysts for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution”was accepted for publishing in ACS Energy Letters. (2017-11-8)

→ Prof. Xinwei Wang(王新炜) delivered an invited talk on “ALD of cobalt, nickel, and iron sulfides: synthesis and applications” in the 232nd ECS Meeting in National Harbor, MD, USA. (2017-10-3)→ Congratulations to Hao Li(李豪)! His paper entitled “Atomic-layer-deposited ultrathin Co9S8 on carbon nanotubes: an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution/reduction reactions and rechargeable Zn-air batteries” was accepted for publishing in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. (2017-9-14)

→ Our collaborative paper entitled “Transporting an ionic-liquid/water mixture in a conical nanochannel: a nanofluidic memristor” was accepted for publishing in Chemical Communications. (2017-5-10)



→ Our collaborative Review on ALD for nanomaterials synthesis and functionalization in energy technology was highlighted on the back cover of Materials Horizons. (2017-3-7)


→ Congratulations to Dr. Youdong Shao(邵友东) and Zheng Guo(国政)! Their paper entitled “Atomic Layer Deposition of Iron Sulfide and Its Application as a Catalyst in the Hydrogenation of Azobenzenes” was accepted for publishing in Angewandte Chemie. (2017-1-26)



Prof. Xinwei Wang‘s(王新炜) invited paper on the ALD of vanadium oxide was published in the Early Career Scholars in Materials Science Annual Issue of the Journal of Materials Research. This special issue was organized to “recognize outstanding Early Career Scholars in Materials Science”. (2017-1-12)


→ Our collaborative Review on “Atomic Layer Deposition for Nanomaterials Synthesis and Functionalization in Energy Technology” was accepted for publishing in Materials Horizons. (2017-1-6)



→ Congratulations to Ran Zhao(赵冉)! His paper entitled “Interface Energy Alignment of Atomic-Layer-Deposited VOx on Pentacene: an In-Situ Photoelectron Spectroscopy Investigation” was just accepted for publishing in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. (2016-12-27)



Prof. Xinwei Wang(王新炜) delivered an invited talk entitled “Atomic layer deposition of cobalt, nickel, and iron sulfides” in the 3rd International Conference on ALD Applications & 2016 China ALD Conference (CALD 2016) in Suzhou, China. In the same conference, Yuanhong Gao(高源鸿) and Zheng Guo(国政) delivered two oral presentations entitled “Low-temperature atomic layer deposition of ultrathin VOx interlayer for efficient charge injection in organic field-effect transistors” and “Low-temperature atomic layer deposition of copper from [Cu(iPr-amd)]2 and hydrogen plasma”, respectively. (2016-10-19)

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Hao Li(李豪) delivered an oral presentation titled “Atomic-layer-deposited cobalt sulfide and nickel sulfide for supercapacitors and oxygen-evolution electrocatalysis” in the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2016) in Dublin, Ireland.  Also in ALD 2016, Prof. Xinwei Wang(王新炜) delivered an oral presentation titled “Atomic layer deposition of cobalt, nickel, and iron sulfides from amidinate precursors”. (2016-7-27)


Yuanhong Gao‘s(高源鸿) paper was selected and highlighted on the Inside Back Cover of Advanced Functional Materials. (2016-7-4)


→ Congratulations to Yuanhong Gao(高源鸿)! His paper entitled “Efficient Charge Injection in Organic Field-Effect Transistors Enabled by Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Ultrathin VOx Interlayer” was accepted for publishing in Advanced Functional Materials. (2016-3-11)


→ Congratulations to Hao Li(李豪) and Dr. Youdong Shao(邵友东)! Their paper entitled “Vapor-Phase Atomic Layer Deposition of Nickel Sulfide and Its Application for Efficient Oxygen-Evolution Electrocatalysis” was just accepted by Chemistry of Materials. (2016-1-27)



→ Our collaborative paper describing a capacitive-pulse model for nanoparticle sensing by single conical nanochannels was accepted by Nanoscale. (2015-12-7)



→ We had another collaborative paper entitled “Optimized Temperature Effect of Li-Ion Diffusion with Layer Distance in Li(NixMnyCoz)O2 Cathode Materials for High Performance Li-Ion Battery” accepted for publishing in Advanced Energy Materials. (2015-11-21)



→ Congratulations to Dr. Yantao Su(苏彦涛)! His paper entitled “Enhancing the High-Voltage Cycling Performance of LiNi5Mn0.3Co0.2O2 by Retarding Its Interfacial Reaction with an Electrolyte by Atomic-Layer-Deposited Al2O3” was accepted for publishing in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. (2015-10-31)

ACS AMIacsami

→ Congratulations to Hao Li(李豪), who has won the “Tang-Lixin Fellowship” (唐立新奖学金) of Peking University! “Tang-Lixin Fellowship” is, except for the “National Scholarship”, the highest scholarship at Peking University, and is awarded to only 60 students per year across the entire Peking University (including all undergraduates and graduates). The awardee will, under normal circumstances, get yearly automatic renewal of this Fellowship in the following years until his/her graduation. (2015-10-25)

Hao Li(李豪) and Yuanhong Gao(高源鸿) were both awarded the “National Scholarship” (国家奖学金) of 2015. Among all the scholarship awardees, Hao Li(李豪) was further elected as the ONLY “Outstanding Awardee of the National Scholarship” (国家奖学金优秀学生) across the entire Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University. Congratulations! (2015-10-20)

Hao Li(李豪) was awarded as the “Specially Outstanding Student” (三好学生标兵) for his outstanding performance during the last academic year of 2014-2015. Meanwhile, Yuanhong Gao(高源鸿) was awarded as the “Outstanding Student” (三好学生) also for his outstanding performance during the last academic year. Congratulations! (2015-10-15)

Hao Li(李豪) and Yuanhong Gao(高源鸿) both received the “Innovation Award” of Peking University (北京大学“创新奖”) for their excellent innovation achievement during the last academic year of 2014-2015. Congratulations to Hao and Yuanhong! (2015-10-9)

→ Congratulations to Hao Li(李豪) and Yuanhong Gao(高源鸿)! Their paper entitled “Vapor-Phase Atomic Layer Deposition of Co9S8 and Its Application for Supercapacitors” was just published in Nano Letters. (2015-9-1)


Prof. Xinwei Wang(王新炜) was awarded the Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar (广东省杰出青年科学基金). Congratulations! (2015-8-21)

→ Our new (collaborative) paper reporting a new ALD process for depositing Cu at low temperature (~50 °C) by using amidinate precursor and hydrogen plasma was just accepted by Chemistry of Materials. Hao Li(李豪) is one of the equally contributed first authors. Congratulations to Hao! (2015-8-15)

CMlogoCu→ Our new (collaborative) paper describing ALD modified track-etched nanochannels for sensing proteins was just accepted by Analytical Chemistry.  With the enabler of ALD for conformal Al2O3 coating, the nanochannel devices show highly promising properties of high protein (BSA) capture rate with well time-resolved transport signals and excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the transport events. (2015-07-23)


→ WELCOME! This website is now open.  (2015-05-25)