Home > Research Progress > Li group published article on Chemical Science about a study of reversible stapling of unprotected peptides via chemoselective methionine bis-alkylation/dealkylation

We have developed a general peptide macrocyclization strategy that involves a facile and chemoselective methionine bis-alkylation/dealkylation process. This method provides a straightforward and easy approach to generate cyclic peptides with tolerances of all amino acids (including Cys), variable loop sizes, and different linkers. The Met bis-alkylation we apply in this strategy yields two additional on-tether positive charges that could assist in the cellular uptake of the peptides. Notably, the bis-alkylated peptide could be reduced to release the original peptide both in vitro and within cellular environments. This strategy provides an intriguing and facile traceless post-peptide-synthesis modification with enhanced cellular uptakes. Peptides constructed with this method could be utilized to zero in on various protein targets or to achieve other goals, such as drug delivery.

link: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlepdf/2014/SC/C7SC05109C?page=search